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* Members with an asterisk have an online gallery — click their name to view their bios.

  Roy Adams 575-590-1128, email
Bruce Bloy 215-266-0006, email
  Jacqueline Blurton, Secretary 575-534-9400, email
Jane Bowen, President 719-963-0617, email
  David Brink 575-534-9488, email
Marilyn Burbrink 575-388-5260, email
Jeanne Dickerson 575-535-2311, email
Sandy Feutz 575-590-1587, email, Flickr, Facebook
  Jane Grant 575-590-1128, email
Ruth Hamby, Treasurer 575-388-0674, email
  Fidel Hinojosa 575-388-3885, email
  Rebecca Kerr 575-654-6773, email
Bob Maciejewski 575-313-4308, email
  Kathy Maciejewski 575-313-4308, email
  Teresa Munoz 575-538-1492, email
Carolyn Paez 575-538-9462, email
Arlene Sarkela, Board Member 575-538-9761, email
Eric Sarkela 575-538-9761, email
Donna Schmidt 575-534-2899, email
Stacy Schwarz 575-535-2138, email
  Paula Kopenec Shakiba, Co-Treasurer 626-232-3678, email
  Shahin Shakiba, Vice-President 626-353-9711, email
Barbara Smith 575-388-1701, email
Mary Margaret Soule' 575-538-2888, email
Keith Spangle 505-577-6587, email
Ann Taylor 575-534-0171, email
Tom Vaughan, Board Member 575-590-1588, email, Flickr, Facebook
John Wachholz 575-388-2616, email
Nancy Wachholz 575-388-2616, email